Gym Closure due to Coronavirus

October 5, 2016
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Gym Closure due to Coronavirus

At Unique1Fitness we remain committed to doing everything we can to continue supporting our members, colleagues and self-employed personal trainers during these challenging times. 

Following Government instruction, we have closed our gym temporarily.

What about my direct debit?

You can freeze your membership by contacting us on: and we’ll unfreeze it once the gym reopens.

When will the gym reopen?

Unfortunately we have to wait for the government to release news on the Coronavirus in the UK and we will only reopen when it’s safe to do so for our members, staff and self-employed personal trainers.

Will I be charged during this closure?

As long as you contact us and ask us to freeze your direct debit then you won’t be charged.

What if I have PT sessions booked?

Please get in touch with your self-employed personal trainer directly. They might be able remote / virtual sessions.

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